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After lunch, it was the turn of the Directors General for the Apostolate (DGAs) to report about their Circumscription's apostolic endeavors. Discussion followed after the reports.

After the Vespers with the Makati Local Community at the Sanctuary of Saint Paul, the delegates headed to Ayala Towers for dinner courtesy of a Pauline collaborator.

Fotos from the Opening to date: Fr. Restie de la Peña and Br. Alvaro Nobleza


Agenda Paolina

April 11, 2021

II di Pasqua (o della Divina Misericordia) (b)
At 4,32-35; Sal 117; 1Gv 5,1-6; Gv 20,19-31

April 11, 2021

* Nessun evento particolare.

April 11, 2021

SSP: Ch. Ortensio Petrucci (1941) - Fr. Tito Fabela (1994) • FSP: Sr. Cesira Morano (1985) - Sr. Rosa Marcelli (1987) - Sr. Saveria Onesi (1996) • IGS: D. Attilio Rivelli (2016) • IMSA: Giuseppina Cancian (2016) • ISF: Mafalda Guerriero Giulietti (2019) - Jim James (2020).