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Ultime Notizie - Nigeria-Ghana


His Lordship Most Reverend Dr Ernest Obodo, auxiliary Bishop of Enugu Diocese, ordained on Sunday 01 August our deacons Desmond Shinshima and Pascal Mbah to the priesthood. It was a joyful moment as two more priests were added to the Society of Saint Paul. The celebration was held at the Queen of the Apostles Church Nchatancha Nike, Enugu. The large congregation consisted of: parishioners, members from our different communities, a representative from the daughters of St Paul, family members of the ordinandis, relatives, representatives from their home parishes, and well-wishers.

Reflecting on the readings of the day, the bishop said: “the Faith of every Christian should go beyond what the eyes can see: from the known to the unknown, human to God,ordinary bread to the bread of life. When we help people find Christ, we give them life. We have assembled here to ordain ministers who will give life to the people through the Holy Eucharist”.  He admonished the ordinandis to be servant priests and shun the craze for materialism which is adversely affecting the church today and to focus on what they are ordained to do.

Rev Fr Joseph Kandachamkunnel, the Regional Superior, welcomed the gathering and Fr Desmond Shinshima gave the vote of thanks. We congratulate Fr Desmond and Fr Pascal and wish them joy and fulfilment in their Pauline priestly ministry.

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